♥ R.I.P Avalanna ♥

Avalanna, our own little hero.
You fought to win over cancer, and we all prayed for you. But somehow our prays didn't helped? If I could, I would've take your place. You deserves to live, Avalanna!
But now you're gone! That damn Cancer took you from your family, from your "husband" Justin and from your second family; Belieberfamily. Now you're in heaven and I hope that it's good up there. You will watch over us, don't you?
You have been a big part of my life, even if I didn't know you or met you. You have been an inspiration, you have made me into a fighter. I will always fight to meet Justin and everything else that I want to do.
This day, September 26th, will always be a sad day. It's the day when every Belieber should think of you and pray for you. I'll do it, anyway. Avalanna, you was a big part of this Family and no one will ever forget you. You will always be in our minds and in our hearts.
We love you Avalanna, our Angel ♥


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